Frugal Fridays

This week, the Letters Extra page on the Tablet‘s website features a very special supporter! Our volunteer Hugh Gibbons from Bracknell brilliantly put his point across regarding meat-free Fridays. Click here and scroll to the end of the page to read the full letter.

Telling us about it in an email last week, Hugh added: “Actually, what my wife and I are going to do is set up a weekly standing order to CAFOD. Piggy banks and cardboard boxes are too vulnerable to raiding when you need the odd pound.”

A big thanks to Hugh for making such a good point. As many of you already know, regular giving is absolutely vital for CAFOD’s work. A regular donation, no matter how small, goes so much further to help end poverty, because it allows us to better plan our income for the years to come, and therefore ensure that we can keep supporting our partners for the long term when needed. Regular giving helps us plan ahead, cuts admin costs and it’s a convenient and simple way to give.
Just as examples, a monthly gift of £4 could give children a better future in Colombia to help pay for their school materials, while a monthly gift of £7 could provide a new source of income for struggling families in Ethiopia.
Every donation will be a small but significant step towards ending poverty.
To set up a direct debit online, visit the CAFOD website or call HQ on 020 7733 7900.

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