Gifted by God

Young people from across the Havant Pastoral Area came together for a very special day last Saturday in preparation for their confirmation.

Around 45 young people from Horndean,  Waterlooville, Havant, Hayling Island and Leigh Park took some time out of their mega busy lives (even handing in their mobile phones to make sure they weren’t disturbed!) to think about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and their forthcoming confirmation this August.

The liturgies and workshops all reflected on how these gifts enable us to answer God’s call to make a real difference in our world.   One workshop covered the fantastic work of the Youth SVP, another Stewardship and then there was ours!

Our workshop looked at some of the injustices in the world and how our faith tells us to respond, before looking at the awesome power of the Spirit to turn ordinary people like the first apostles (and ourselves) into heroes! 

Maureen standing next to a fantastic display of messages to Andrew Mitchell as part of our latest 'Getting Down to Business' campaign. Maureen has been busy running sessions within schools right across the Havant Pastoral Area and some of the pupils' opinions were on display during the day!

Groups thought about people they considered to be heroes which ranged from our all important parents to famous singers and real human rights activists like Martin Luther King!   We thought about the qualities they had, how they developed their ‘super-powers’ and the affect they have on people. 

We then looked at Luis, a 19 year old from El Salvador, talking about his experiences of working with street gangs.  We could see just how challenging life was for him but how the Spirit’s gifts of courage and understanding helped him continue with is work.

We ended by looking at how we could use the gifts of knowledge, courage, respect and understanding to pray for change and speak out against injustice.

It was a lovely day! A special word of thanks to Maureen Thompson who organised everything so well, all the young people who attended and all the catechists who supported the groups (and provided me and all my groups with sweets!)

We’ll be praying for everyone here and thinking of you all in August.

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