Day 2 in Kenya

We’re following our Oaklands students on their trip to Kenya with CAFOD partners. Day 2 saw them on the netball courts with young people at St John’s Sports Society, and seeing some of the challenges faced by people living in poverty.

teaching our game at St John's Sports Society

teaching our game at St John’s Sports Society

After an early wake-up call we finally arrived at St John’s Sports Society at around 8.30am. The welcoming from everyone was absolutely heart lifting. Everyone wanted to interact with all of us which made us feel so pleased.

Firstly we got involved in the girls netball coaching; it was nice to be able to bond over the love of sport. They were exceedingly complimentary; however, this may be due to the fact they were so much better than us! We were introduced to all the captains and saw what they have achieved and what sport means to them. Then we played a game with some of the young people and it was really great to see them getting so involved but also getting the audience watching involved too!

I showed some of the girls badminton and it was the first time that they had ever seen it. They were all so curious and said afterwards that they had had lots of fun playing. We used benches on top of each other as a net and I taught the girls the correct grips, backhand serve and how to play doubles. I was very surprised at how well they all did and they all picked it up so quickly it was unbelievable.

For lunch we went into the room where they train for karate and taekwondo, there we ate chapattis and afterwards we presented our sports equipment to Charles Ochieng for the society to keep and use.

After lunch we walked through the slum to the rubbish dump which has all the rubbish from the whole of Nairobi.  We saw people picking through the rubbish looking for plastic and any other valuable materials they could then sell on to make some money for food.

On the way back we understood how the people were polishing up the goods they had found to then sell on to others. The smell was very strong and the open sewers were plain for all to see.

Rubbish was all over the ground and there were people everywhere. Sometimes the wind would pick up the rubbish and there were whirl winds of rubbish and the smoke was being blown towards the slum, therefore there are many health problems due to the rubbish dump.

Keep following the Oaklands’ students during their visit on this blog.

One thought on “Day 2 in Kenya

  1. Hi Holly and Lara,
    Glad to hear you had such an amazing experience. Looking forward to reading more about it.
    Kathleen (in Oz)

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