First day in Kenya

Two Oaklands’ students won the opportunity to travel to Kenya with CAFOD. During their trip they’ll be meeting CAFOD partners. Keep up with their trip updates here.

We have survived our first day! After a 3am start and overall flight time of 9 hours 15 minutes we arrived at Nairobi airport.  Fortunately, the journey from Paris to Nairobi was comfy due to the lack of passengers- meaning we had more space. To kill time Mr Sumba gave us Swahili lessons which have since come in useful (Habari?). We were really tired and after the taxi journey to the Methodist guest house nothing but sleep were on our mind.

This morning we travelled to CAFOD Head Office in Nairobi where we met Peter McGeachie, head of the CAFOD team, and his colleagues. We had a tour of the building and were extremely surprised to see our newspaper article on their news board! They were all very welcoming and we learnt a lot about all their different roles and how individually they contribute to the work of CAFOD. We then met our drivers, Tobias and Francis, who then took us to the local shopping centre. We bought a selection of food for lunch and sim cards so we can all contact home. The shopping centre was really similar to shops in the UK and contained all items we can purchase at home. However, only the very affluent Kenyans and tourists are able to shop there. It was clear to see the contrast in Kenyan society because the supermarket seemed so modern whilst on the way home there were numerous small stands selling food and drink, trying to make a living.

Flying over the Sahara

Flying over the Sahara – it took three hours!

When the free time ended we had a quick polish up of our media training with Debbie from CAFOD London and Thomas and Abby who are locals from Nairobi. We went over our plans for tomorrow in Korogocho which now seems really exciting as we know a bit more about what we are doing!

Tomorrow we visit St John’s Sports Society and see the slum, its mixed emotions however we know it will bring us great experiences.

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