Donate your old buttons to a really worthy cause!

Oaklands students with their first button and their plans for the genocide memorial

Have you got any old buttons sitting at home somewhere in a drawer that you do not know what to do with – perhaps belonging to an old coat that you have already given to the charity shop or cannot find any more?

Here is your chance to put them to good use! Our friend and supporter Mugeni Sumba, RE teacher at Oaklands School in Waterlooville and his students are embarking on a new and ambitious project: creating a monument in their school to raise awareness of the horrors of genocide.

Pupils from class 9B2 at Oaklands were so moved after studying cases of mass murder in the name of racial or religious prejudice that they decided to make a permanent sculpture to say ‘never again’. The group of 27 year nine boys and girls came up with the idea of four transparent pillars pinned to the compass points of a painted atlas, each filled with a quarter of a million buttons representing the loss of humanity.

They now need our help to make their vision come true. So, if you have any buttons to spare, please consider donating them to the project. They can be sent to The Genocide Project, Oaklands Catholic School, Stakes Hill Road, Waterlooville PO7 7BW or call (023) 9225 9214.

Thanks in advance for your contributions – they will surely be much appreciated!

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