St Mary’s Pupils Speak Out!

Yesterday CAFOD School Volunteer Sharon Westby and I were lucky enough to visit Headteacher Mrs Laycock and pupils from St Mary’s RC Primary in Maidenhead to thank them for their fantastic support and talk about the second CAFOD Portsmouth inter-primary school public speaking competition in July this year. 

Pupils will be writing and delivering their own 2-3 minute talk on the topic of Fairtrade this term and then going on to compete with pupils from St Bernard’s in Slough.

Yesterday, we started our speech making journey by looking at the importance of non verbal communication and analysed the impact made by tone of voice, gestures and facial expressions on some CAFOD related short films.  We held a short quiz at the end to show how much everyone had learned, asking teams to tell us what made a good speaker. Answers included ‘speaking slowly, ‘speaking clearly’, ‘using gestures to make your point’ ‘practise’ ‘good eye contact with people’ were some of the answers! Great stuff!

Whilst we were there, the children also presented us with a cheque for a staggering £1896.99 which is the sum total of all their hard work over Lent (see photo above).   Thank you all so much!  This amount is truly amazing and will make a life-changing difference to so many of our partners overseas.  Thank you to all the parents, staff and of course all the pupils who helped raise this fabulous sum!


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