Nominate a torchbearer for the Olympics 2012!

With less than one year to go before the Olympics, the momentum is really building up! As you might have heard in the news, the olympic flame will reach Britain on 18 May 2012, and a nomination process is now open to select 8,000 torch bearers: ordinary people that do extraordinary things!  

You can find more information here. It would be excellent to have a few CAFOD volunteers/supporters among the torchbearers! Can you think of anyone who has taken action for CAFOD in a very special way? This is your chance to reward them!

Nominators will need to submit up to 150 words on why their nominee should carry the flame before the window closes on June 29.
Anyone over the age of 12 at the time of nomination can be put forward as a torch-bearer. The minimum age to make a nomination is also 12 at the time of nomination. Half of the available places are expected to go to those aged between 12 and 24 – so it would be great to have some younger candidates! But people of all ages can of course be nominated. Full instructions on how to make a nomination, together with the actual application form, are available here.

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