The Big Climate Reconnection!

Last Saturday, our local lobby group here in Aldershot met together again to lobby Gerald Howarth MP asking him to reconnect with the issue of climate change now that a new and potentially life-changing Energy Bill is going through Parliament.

The group asked Mr Howarth to help strengthen this critically important but currently weak piece of legislation, due for a key debate by MPs next week.

Members of the group told Mr Howarth that The Energy Bill needs improving with some key amendments if we are to secure our future energy supplies, reduce energy bills, create jobs and tackle climate change. Decisions will be made in Parliament over the coming weeks that will affect not only our lives but also those of our children – and our children’s children.

The Big Climate Reconnection follows the similar action last autumn, when supporters of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition (SCC) lobbied 220 MPs in a coordinated campaign. SCC includes more than 100 organisations, from environmental and development charities to unions, health, faith, community and women’s groups – collectively representing 11million people dedicated to action on climate change.

Lynda and others asked Mr Howarth to support a Warm Homes amendment to define ambitious targets for energy efficiency in homes in and around Rushmoor.

Mr Howarth was also asked to help ensure the government accepts recommendations from the independent Committee on Climate Change, push for progress on improved climate finance to help poorer countries, and press for local action on climate change to be made a statutory responsibility of Rushmoor Borough Council.

Samantha Hearnshaw (pictured on the right from the UK Youth Climate Coalition) “I am getting involved because I want to show our MP this is not just an environmentalists’ lobby but includes all those local people struggling to pay their fuel bills, tenants living in damp or draughty accommodation, and those that see energy and environmental issues as a way to strengthen our economy and provide green job opportunities.”

For more information on the Big Climate Reconnection: go to

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