Oaklands Pupils’ Reflections

We asked our two students from Oaklands Catholic school how they felt about visiting CAFOD HQ last month to be interviewed and why they wanted to visit one of CAFOD’s partners this summer.

They wrote:

“Throughout the week preceding the presentation, my entire focus was on ensuring our preparation was as thorough as possible. I was constantly thinking of new ways to improve and kept replaying my speech in my head to make sure everything was perfect! This however did not stop me from being extremely nervous, especially when the day arrived and we travelled up to the CAFOD Headquarters.   This was to be my first presentation in front of a group of people and the nerves were building up.”

“The reality however turned out to be nothing like my expectation; my nerves soon settled as everyone was so friendly!   A lot of staff members came up to introduce themselves to us; the atmosphere was extremely open and welcoming.”

“I wanted to be part of this trip as I felt it would give me such a massive, life-changing experience. I think you cannot appreciate the reality of the trouble and struggle people living in developing countries encounter on a daily basis, unless you can witness it firsthand. Also, as a gifted sportswoman and sports ambassador I feel that I can share my experiences to hopefully inspire similar aged children in Kenya. Sport is my passion and I want others to experience it.”

“Out of the experience I want to be able to communicate to both young and old alike, to explain how they can get involved in assisting our brothers and sisters across the world and make people realise in this country, that they really can make a difference.”

They added:

I agreed to go on this trip because it will be amazing to see the true impact of all the fundraising I have done at school, and to teach others about our experiences and how they too can help to make a difference. I believe peer leadership is a very important thing and I feel it is crucial that all young people are aware of how important in society they are – they are the link between the children and adults and it is the young who are shaping the future. Young people always seem to be depicted negatively in our society but I disagree and believe that all should have confidence in themselves to do their best and to help strive for a better future.”

“Through badminton I have become a positive role model for children and a confident sportswoman. All the leadership skills I have learnt can actively help and it’s amazing that my skills and talents can help others in a way I never thought possible.”

“After this trip I want to be more actively involved in raising awareness of global justice issues because as CAFOD say, we are one world and it is our duty to promote peace and justice for all. This trip will greatly improve my communication skills and could bring a new element to my leadership back home.”

“I hope that I will have learnt to be thankful for what I have and to see the inspiring attitudes of those in living in poverty. I will have lifelong memories and hope seeing real people will allow me to have a new perspective on life. I want to become more educated on the differences I can make to people’s lives and also be able to say that I have made a difference in the world, encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.”

Thank you both!  We’re behind you every step of the way!  Go Oaklands!!!

Follow the students’ visit to Kenya this summer on our blog! 

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