St Mary’s Pupils Make a Difference!

Last Friday I was invited in to speak to 150 pupils at St Mary’s RC Primary in Gosport to thank them for all their fantastic fundraising efforts during Lent.

Pupils had enjoyed doing ‘something funny for money’ on Comic Relief Day and giving something up at the same time for CAFOD.   Some had come into school in their pyjamas, some had hopped all day and one girl had somersaulted all evening!   Other pupils had given up playing on their DS for CAFOD and given up all sweets!  All to raise an impressive £142 for Comic Relief and £173 for CAFOD – and it was great to say a big thank you to them all in person!  They are all stars!


The assembly looked at some of the injustices we still have in the world in terms of how wealth, healthcare and educational resources are distributed, but then focused on six ways we can all really make a difference!

I was so impressed with how many of these ways the pupils remembered – and in the order they had come up in the presentation!  These included learning all about our world, praying for change (in ourselves and our leaders), supporting Fairtrade, respecting God’s creation, speaking out against injustice and sharing what we have with others. 


Our thanks go to Mrs Griffin for organising my visit and all the staff, pupils and parents for their fantastic support for CAFOD and their commitment to our work.  Thank you all!

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