A very special Lenten breakfast!

This year, pupils at St John’s Cathedral Primary School in Portsmouth kicked off their Lenten journey in a very special way! Teaching staff member Louise Stokes sent us the following report:

“At St John’s Cathedral Catholic Primary School in Portsmouth we have been encouraging our children and their families to share their Lenten journey by completing a ‘Lenten Passport’ . Each child was sent home with a personal passport for themselves and their families. 
Inside was a sheet to write their teaspoon prayers:
T = thanks
S = Sorry
P = please
Once they had made a prayer with their family, they were asked to place them in a special basket by our statue of St. John, in school.
Families were also invited to attend our Ash Wednesday liturgy and special assemblies on Fridays to mark our journey through Lent and were given the opportunity to come and share breakfast on the 17th March

This breakfast was free to the families, but we asked that they make a donation of what they would normally spend on lunch which would go towards the work of Cafod.  It was a lovely meal with families from many different backgrounds, eating and chatting together, taking a moment to relax with both old and new friends.  £109.75 was raised. 

As part of Almsgiving, on Wednesday 6th april and Thursday 7th April, each class in our school will be giving a short presentation to represent the diverse community of our school.  Families are invited to move around the school, watching each presentation; afterwards making a small donation tof what they think the performance was worth before moving on to the next class performance.
Completing the Lenten passport will, we hope, support the children and their families to stay focused on their journey and will celebrate their endeavours to mark the season of Lent.  All completed passports will be awarded a certificate at the end of term assemby”.

That’s really fantastic work isn’t it? We hope this might be of insipiration to other schools and/or children’s liturgy groups! A huge thanks to Louise for sharing this with us, and to all pupils, parents and teachers from St John’s Primary involved!

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