Fairtrade Fortnight gets a CAFOD twist in Wantage!

Jacky and Tessa get busy trying to break the bunting record!

This Fairtrade Fortnight, our supporter and MP correspondent Jacky Mattam from Wantage took part in a record-breaking attempt! At her local Christian bookshop and cafè, she and other Fairtrade supporters put together a special bunting of cotton triangles to contribute to a Fairtrade Foundation’s special initiative!

The Faitrade Foundation  is going to stitch all the bunting together (sent by supporters from all across the country) in an attempt to break the world record for the longest continual piece of bunting, to help tell more people about how Fairtrade cotton protects the livelihoods of cotton farmers and to pressure decision-makers to make trade fairer for cotton farmers in West Africa.

Jacky, however, added a special CAFOD twist to the event! She brought along the “Get down to business” action cards, which everybody was happy to sign – and with the help of her friend Tessa, she also distibuted some cards at a Fair Trade and at church. A great combination of Fair Trade support and CAFOD campaigning! Thanks to Jacky and everybody involved!

The bunting is ready to go!

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