Certificate of Appreciation for St Matthew’s

It was with great pleasure that, earlier this month during a visit to Jersey, I was able to present Vi Alcock and all the volunteers and supporters within the community of St Matthew’s, Coin Varin with a special Certificate of Appreciation for all their fantastic work and unstinting support for CAFOD and the CAFOD Cafe.

As I was awarding the certificate on behalf of our Director, Chris Bain, I read out his message of thanks after Mass to everyone ‘for their dedication, and commitment to improving the lives of others around the world.’

Vi accepted the certificate on behalf of the community and gave her own words of thanks to Father Tom for starting it all off in the first place. She also thanked all the volunteers past and present and everyone who visits the cafe each week, including Father Kevin of course whose support has been invaluable .   A really inspiring group of people!

Just this past year alone, the cafe has raised £3,000 and Vi thinks it will have raised at least £15,000 since it began! Wow!!!

Vi says she couldn’t do it without the entire community’s support. But Vi’s hard work, often completely behind the scenes is, as many would agree, crucial to its success – so it was great to thank her personally in this way.

It was also brilliant to be back in the CAFOD Cafe to meet so many lovely people again!  If you ever visit Jersey – you must go!   The cafe has such a great atmosphere and everyone lingers to chat and catch up on the week’s events.

This time I also brought over a special bag of filter coffee from coffee cooperative Eurocafe, one of the small businesses we are supporting with CAFOD partner AIPODE in Colombia. Eurocafe has asked for feedback so Vi will be asking everyone to taste their coffee and then send a message of solidarity.

Thank you so much everyone on behalf of all our partners and all those we work with across the world! As Chris put it, ‘CAFOD simply would not exist without the tireless support and selfless generosity exhibited by communities like St Matthew’s. Thank you all! God bless you all for all the work you have done and will do in the future!’

You can download more information about Eurocafe here.

Lynda also worked with JACY during this weekend – take a look at what happened here.

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