St Edward’s Pupils Speak Out!

Congratulations to all the pupils from St Edward’s Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School in Windsor who spoke up for Fairtrade in the first heats of our diocesan public speaking competition last half term!     

The first heats within St Edward helped select the school’s speakers who will now go forward to the interschool competition in March.

CAFOD School Volunteer, Sharon Westby, who organised and judged the heat said, ‘I was really impressed with the pupils’ speech writing and delivery.   Each speaker was graded on their knowledge of the topic, the talk’s overall structure, their voice, posture, gestures, eye contact, energy and enthusiasm, as well as their use of correct grammar, word selection and pronunciation.’

‘Public speaking is such an important life skill and can give pupils great self confidence.  Fairtrade too is a really important topic and makes a huge difference to millions of people overseas who are getting better prices, better working conditions and an all round fairer deal for their produce.’ 

‘The pupils have learned that fairly traded goods mean that producers who are providing so many items we rely on (such as cotton, tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar etc) will have received a fairer price for their hard work and a little extra to invest in the future of their communities. This extra money (or social premium) can be used to provide communities with schools, healthcare and so forth.  As the pupils found out – it’s well worth the extra we pay in our local shops.’

‘I just want to say thank you so much to all the pupils who took part in the first part of this competition at St Edward’s. They were all fantastic!’

Good luck to St Edward’s Royal Free and St Edmund Campion Primary School – both of whom will be taking part in the interschool public speaking competition on 1st March!

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