Enterprising Pupils at St Thomas More RC Primary

Well done to Isabel, Anina and Julia from St Thomas More RC Primary in Havant who came up with a brilliant idea to help CAFOD this term!   The girls decided they would like to make some book marks to sell and raise money for our work overseas!

School volunteer Maureen Thompson reports, ‘When they asked me to help we decided that they could aim to raise £7 for a world gift of school equipment to help a child start school.’

‘With the £7 target I challenged the girls to think about how many bookmarks they would have to make if they sold the book marks at 10p each. On realising that they needed 70 they agreed to ask their whole class to help them.’

‘Once the book marks were made they took them from class to class on wet play and so far have raised £6.35 towards their target – they are hoping to sell a few more in the holiday to their family and friends.  Children in other classes now have their own ideas about sharing their talents to help other children gain a good start.’

Well done girls!

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