St Edmund’s Day Mass

Last month, St Edmund’s RC Secondary school in Portsmouth held a very special St Edmund’s Day Mass at Portsmouth Cathedral with Father Sean Tobin, for all pupils, staff, and governors to thank God for making the school such a happy and caring place.

The readings really emphasized the special contribution young people have in proclaiming God’s word, with a reading from the Book of Jeremiah, (‘Don’t say you’re too young. Go to everyone I send you to and tell them everything I command you.’) followed by a sung response ‘We are never to young to witness, we are never too young to serve. We are never too young to be disciples of our Lord.’

The bidding prayers asked God to help us follow St Edmund’s example in following the teachings of Jesus and helping others come to a faith in him.


There was also a brief dramatic interpretation of St Edmund’s life, which included his special work for the poor. At this point, I was asked to approach the altar and collect a cheque for the very impressive sum of £500 – which really shows how the school has continued in this very important area of St Edmund’s work in today’s world.

Pupils remembered those in the world who do not have access to education and thanked God for all those who worked at their school.  There was also a special prayer to thank Father Tobin for his work over the years as school chaplain.

The readers, dancers, and musicians were all excellent – and the pupils and staff who were involved in special duets throughout the Mass were incredible!

Thank you so much to Emma Devine and Sister Fiona for inviting me along to take part in such a special Mass and a big thanks to all those who were involved in raising such a staggering amount of money for CAFOD throughout the year.  Thank you everyone!

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