St Joseph’s Primary Stands Up Against Poverty

On Friday 15th October, St Joseph’s primary in Aldershot took part in this year’s Stand Up Against Global Poverty Day and reminded our world leaders to take action on the Millennium Development Goals.Everyone took the time out at morning assembly to think about the injustices and unfairness in our world and renew their enthusiasm to take action. St Joseph’s, as our regular blog readers will know, are great supporters of CAFOD, with staff, pupils and parents putting their whole hearted support into each of our Fast days and our emergency appeals.  We also talked about putting our faith into action to help create a fairer world by avidly supporting Fairtrade, looking after our environment and speaking out against unfairness.    

This led us into thinking about the Millennium Development Goals; the 8 goals that world leaders agreed to back in 2000 that should halve poverty by 2015.   As part of ‘Stand Up Against Global Poverty Day’ I asked all the pupils to then reflect on each goal and think how far we still have to go before they are reached.  After each one we all spoke out in unison, saying for example, ‘We want a world where all children get a basic education.’  ‘Do we?’  I asked.  ‘YES!’ came the resounding ear-splitting answer.  Fantastic!

Stand Up Against Poverty is a global movement encouraging everyone to literally stand up and remind our world leaders of their commitment to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) each year.   CAFOD Portsmouth volunteer Hugh Gibbons encourages schools to take part both in our diocese and across England and Wales.  Pupils literally stand up, recite the ‘promises to the poor’ based on the MDGs, and ask the world’s leaders to take action!  Hugh collates the numbers involved and lets our leaders know at Number 10! 


At the end of assembly I was presented with a cheque for CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day appeal for the staggering amount of £634 raised through a sponsored read-a-thon. 

Thank you everyone within the St Joseph’s community: Mr James, Ms Marshall, Mrs Cumpstey, all the teachers, the parents and the pupils for your ongoing support, your inspirational commitment and dedication and your terrific enthusiasm! 

More information on Stand Up can be found on Hugh’s website: and

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