Thanks for Acting on Poverty!

Everybody took part in Act on Poverty at St Edmund Campion primary school in Maidenhead!

Thanks to everybody who took part in the Act on Poverty campaign in the last few months – signing cards, taking action online or promoting the campaign more widely!  We smashed our target of 10,000 messages to David Cameron – and collected over 20,000 overall, which is a fantastic result, and we couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂 The cards and messages will be handed in to No 10 soon and we will keep you posted on that front. 

In the last big campaign push over the past few weeks, a big thanks goes to St Edmund Campion primary school in Maidenhead and St Edward’s First school in Windsor, where cards were distributed to all the parents via the children and the campaign was mentioned in the school bulletin. A huge thanks to our school volunteer Sharon Westby too, for getting the schools on board!

If you wish to read about all the wonderful actions that have taken place in our Diocese in parishes and schools, just search for “Act on Poverty” on the blog and you’ll be able to see them all! Thanks again for all your support!

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