Act on Poverty Record at St Thomas More Primary!

Following  the Pope’s visit and “The Big Assembly”, children at St Thomas More Primary school, Havant, received a visit from our school volunteer Maureen Thompson, who made them reflect about opportunities “to live life to the full” and how we could help other children across the world reach their full potential. 
The children came up with ideas about raising money and praying for other families – and they were reminded of their involvement in the CAFOD Climate Justice campaign last year, and how that was a good example to help others live life to the full.

This was a good introduction to the Act on Poverty campaign and a good way to encourage the children to take part. A big number 10 Downing street door had been displayed in the library by Maureen, and the children were invited to write messages to David Cameron, asking him to take into account the needs of children across the world as he carried on with the important task of running our country.  A lovely display of concerns and promises gradually began to grow on the door, as the pictures show!

But the children’s involvement did not stop there! On the following Sunday, they helped out at all Masses at Havant and Emsworth, asking all the adults to sign an Act on Poverty postcard: they collected a smashing total of 267 cards before 10/10/10 – a truly exceptional result!

Together with the Act on Poverty cards, children also distributed Harvest Fast Day envelopes and did the bidding prayers, thanking the Lord for all the good things they have and remembering all who are hungry and suffering – overall, a remarkable example of faith and solidarity in action!

Our huge thanks to all the children and the parents involved, and to Maureen of course for her wonderful creativity and initiative!

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