Yateley Acts on Poverty!

This weekend parishioners at St Swithun’s were asked to Act on Poverty at all Masses by their confirmation candidates.   On Saturday and Sunday a total of ten dedicated young people from the parish stood up in front of the entire congregation and asked for their support for CAFOD’s campaign – outlining why they all thought it was important.

Each member of the group explained that the campaign urged the government to push for a fair climate change deal at the UN, honour its commitment to spend 0.7% of national income on aid to the poorest countries by 2013 and ensure businesses are accountable to people in poor countries affected by their operations.

Father Dominic gave his whole hearted support to the venture and gave everyone a couple of minutes to sign the card before the final prayer. 

As the cards were collected on the way out, I could hear lots of parishioners saying ‘Well done’ and, ‘You should do this more often!’ to the speakers!    They did a great job of explaining what it was all about and encouraging people to take part.

As far as we know, they are the only confirmation group to speak at Mass like this about Act on Poverty in our entire diocese!    It’s pretty nerve wracking to stand up in front of so many people and get your message across clearly and concisely within 2 minutes but each and every person did just that.  They did a terrific job!  Well done!

I’ve just checked the website and we’re now up to just over 9,797 messages to the Prime Minister…. Our target is 10,000 by 10.10.2010 – so their work this weekend will really help us get closer to that goal! 

Thank you to all the young people in the group that took part in this special project and spent so much of their precious spare time reading up about the issues and preparing/practising their talk.  (Sorry the door kept falling down on the day!  I blame my rubbish blu tack!)

Thank you too to all the families that supported them (and must have listened to the talk many many times at home!) and thanks to all the parishioners who signed 163 cards on the day. 

Our special thanks goes to all the confirmation catechists, Anne Lambkin and Father Dom who supported everyone each step of the way and invited me to come in to speak to the group in the first place about the link between the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the call to action against poverty and injustice.

We couldn’t have done this without you all and we hope your example inspires others to do the same!

For more information on Act on Poverty visit www.cafod.org.uk/actonpoverty

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