Aldershot Acts on Poverty!

88 people from St Mary’s and St Joseph’s parish in Aldershot posted their demands to the Prime Minister after Mass last weekend asking him to Act on Poverty.

Each action card signed called on the government to honour its commitment to spend 0.7% of national income on aid to the poorest by 2013, to push for a fair climate change deal at the UN, and to ensure businesses are accountable to people in poor countries affected by their operations

Special prayers were said for our leaders:  that they may listen to us and take action to improve conditions for people who are poor and be inspired to take positive action to address the causes of poverty.

Thank you to everyone who signed a card after Mass and those who took extra cards home for their friends and family!

It was a very special weekend as it was Father Tatah’s Silver Jubilee as well and as you can see from the photo – he gave us his full support and blessing!

Thank you everyone for helping us get that bit nearer to our target of 10,000 messages to the Prime Minister at Number 10 on 10.10.2010!

For more information on how you can run a similar action in your parish, please go to or give us a call here at St Mary’s in Aldershot (our home!) We would be only too happy to provide anything you need!  Our email is  or 01252 329385.



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