Walk to Church successes!

On Sunday 18th July, St John Bosco parish in Woodley and the Sacred Heart parish in Waterlooville led the way in the first “Walk to Church Sunday” initiative in our Diocese!

The idea, as you might remember from a previous blog post, came from our volunteer Rita Belletty at St John Bosco and it was a way to encourage parishioners to walk to church one Sunday and write to the PM about it to show commitment to fighting climate change – and encourage him to do the same on the national and international scale!

David Thomson from the J&P group in Waterlooville reports:

“On Sunday, 18th of July parishioners from the Sacred Heart Church, Waterlooville, Hampshire were invited to walk to church to show our support for adapting our lifestyles to reduce our carbon emissions. In total, 53  of us that were able to walk to church did so. On arrival at church, we signed a sheet indicating our participation. The sheets were subsequently sent to the Prime Minister with a covering letter urging the British Government to make tackling climate change and global poverty a top priority for the government by pushing for a fair climate change deal at the UN and ensuring that businesses are accountable to people in poor countries affected by their operations. It looks like the furthest distance walked by any family was just under 4 miles from Lovedean to Waterlooville. Well done to the Standen family!”

At St John Bosco, Rita reported that 101 people, including children and adults, walked to church! The letter and the signatures were sent to both David Cameron and Nick Clegg and Fr Chris signed the petition too – a huge success all round!

It’s a really encouraging start for a brilliant initiative – which could be taken up by any parish at any time of the year so we hope you might consider it in the future! The template posters and letters are available in the older posts.

A big thanks to all walkers at both Woodley and Waterloovile – and for setting such a good example!

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