Portsmouth Acts on Poverty!

Dervla gets the ball rolling and signs the first card of the day!

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all those who took part in CAFOD’s Act on Poverty campaign last Saturday at the Youth Justice and Peace Summer Fete in Portsmouth Cathedral and the Portsmouth Green Fair in Victoria Park.  It was great to see so many supporters at both events on the day!

Neil Galbraith from the Cathedral's Justice and Peace Group

The Portsmouth Youth Justice and Peace group very kindly offered to donate half the proceeds from the Fete to CAFOD’s Haiti appeal and were all helping out on the day by running all sorts of stalls. They are a terrific example of young people really putting their faith into action!   Thank you everyone and thank you to all the other stall holders too for giving up their time like this. 

Emma Devine hard at work on the day!

The Fete is organized each year by the Youth Justice and Peace Group – led by Emma Devine and it’s always well supported.  I don’t know how you do it all folks!  So much to organize, so many people and so many stalls!  Thank you – once again for supporting CAFOD as you have done for so many years in so many ways.  You are something special!

Mike Dobson - Portsmouth Co-ordinator, Fairtrade Group

And just to add to the bustle of the day, CAFOD brought along a film crew – Phil and Craig!  Phil is filming a new DVD on behalf of CAFOD which features volunteers talking about what motivates them to campaign and many people at the Fete were interviewed on the day.  Both Mike Dobson (from the Cathedral’s Fairtrade Group) and Emma Devine  spoke about Fairtrade.  Portsmouth is a Fairtrade diocese with some of the very first Fairtrade schools (e.g. St Edmund’s and Oaklands secondary schools).  Dervla and Bruce Finch – who ran the CAFOD Act on Poverty stall all day – were also interviewed as was Neil Galbraith, from the Cathedral’s Justice and Peace group .  Thank you for doing that!   

We're ready for our close up Phil!

At the end of the Fete, a small group of volunteers gathered round to say The Lord’s Prayer.  Each line will introduce a section of the DVD.  I kept saying ‘Thy will be done’ instead of ‘Your will be done’ (so I think I’m the reason we had to say it so many times – sorry about that everyone!)    Dave Hill (Diocesan Youth Adviser) helped us with this bit too!  It really had a family feeling about it!

Getting ready for our bit!

It’s so great that Portsmouth will be featured in this way on the DVD. We’re not sure how many of the interviews will make the final cut (as the DVD itself won’t be too long and they filmed for an hour and a half just at the Fete!) but we know that our small group at the end saying The Lord’s Prayer – will definitely be in!  Exciting!   Plans are already afoot for a special premiere! 

Over at the Green Fair - the card signing continues!

Meanwhile, Laura was across the road at the Green Fair – with our second ‘Number 10’ door!  See – you couldn’t escape us on Saturday – thanks to our volunteers – we were everywhere!

Sue McHale wearing her Climate Justice t-shirt!

We had some lovely moments during the event when we bumped into some really dear friends, including Paula Medd, Mugeni Sumba, Maureen and Stuart Thompson and Sue McHale from the Isle of Wight.  It was great to see Sue heading towards us on the day wearing her ‘Climate Justice’ tshirt!  It made our day! 

Stuart and Maureen Thompson from Havant 'posting' their cards too!

Thank you all – but extra special thanks goes to Canon Hopgood, Emma Devine, all the Portsmouth Youth Justice and Peace Group, Bruce and Dervla Finch, Neil Galbraith and Mike Dobson for all their support on the day.

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