It’s time to Act on Poverty!

A big thanks to all of you who have been taking action during the election campaign to remind your parlamentary candidates of the importance of keeping global issues high on the political agenda. Nationally, over 2000 email actions have been posted to the candidates from the CAFOD website, not to mention the personal letters that you have written, the questions that you submitted online for the televised debates or at your local hustings meetings, etc… THANK YOU very much for that!

We now have a new government at work, facing big challenges, and just when perhaps you were thinking that the “job was done” for a little while…. now more than ever is the time to remind both the government and the newly elected MPs that global issues cannot be put aside! For this reason, CAFOD has just launched the “Act on Poverty” campaign – we want to send at least 10,000 messages by 10.10.10 to David Cameron at No 10, asking him and the UK government to:

• push for a fair deal on climate change at the UN
• honour their commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on aid for the poorest by 2013
• ensure businesses are accountable to people in poor countries affected by their operations 

In order to achieve this target… we need your help!!!

Visit the Act on Poverty pages on the CAFOD website here to read all about the campaign and get involved. You can:

– email the PM and send him your customised message – follow the link on the page

– download the campaigner kit, which includes a guide with all you need to know to send the message to No 10, a useful handout with all the facts behind the campaign, cut-out templates to make your own No 10 door, and more. A briefing for MPs and a youth action kit will also be available soon, so keep an eye on the page!

– order the campaign action cards (from us or by emailing and encourage your fellow parishioners/friends and family to take action (more info on this on the action guide)

– send us photos and short stories of what you are planning to do/have been doing locally – we will put them on the blog and they will be a great encouragement to others who are thinking about taking action

– come along to the Campaigns Energiser Day in London on Saturday 26th June if you can – it will take place at CAFOD’s new HQ at Southwark Cathedral and it will be a great opportunity to meet other campaigners and MP correspondents, to get an overview of the campaign (we will be joined by our climate and aid policy analysts Sol Oyuela and Amy Pollard) and also to get a tour of CAFOD’s new office! Please contact us if you wish to book a place – it should be a great day!

We look forward to hearing from you about your local Act on Poverty plans – no matter how small – every message counts!!!


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