Celebrating Volunteers’ Week


It is Volunteers Week from 1st to 7th June! Volunteers’ Week is an annual event which celebrates the fantastic contribution that millions of volunteers make across the UK.  As you well know, CAFOD would simply not be functional without the fantastic work of our volunteers across the country – and our Diocese is no exception!  

For this reason we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those of you who have been working so hard for CAFOD throughout the years, in different roles that range from fundraising to campaigning to volunteering in schools etc.  Take a look at what some of our volunteers, featured below, have said about what volunteering for CAFOD means to them – a big thanks to Rita, Berna and Luxmy for their support and contributions, and to all our fab volunteers across the Diocese! 

Rita Belletty – Campaigns Volunteer from St John Bosco parish, Woodley, Reading 


Berna Parnell, School Volunteer, Woodley, Reading 

“Becoming a School Volunteer for CAFOD is the most demanding and rewarding challenge I’ve taken on since my children hit adolescence. It’s an amazing experience to be able to see the both the similarities and the uniqueness of so many different Catholic schools. And the perks are tremendous – I’ve been invited to Nativity plays and to judge an Easter Bonnet contest (hilarious!) at some of the schools I’ve visited.
I enjoy the challenge of selecting and adapting the huge amount of CAFOD materials available to different age groups and locales. It keeps my brain ticking over! Boosted by my successful forays into schools in the diocese, I have since also volunteered to be appointed as a Governor at my parish primary school, and have found that my experience with CAFOD has given me both confidence and insights which help me in this new role.
 Meeting up with other volunteers is a scarce opportunity for me to converse with other adults who focus on what is happening in and to the world. It’s the only time I’m in contact with so many people who are so knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about global issues.” 

Luxmy Gopalakrishnan – Media Volunteer, Camberley 

“Volunteering with CAFOD has helped me practise and develop the skills I don’t get to utilise at my full-time job.  It adds variety to what I do with my spare time, and I feel like I’m doing something productive with my time, making a difference.  It’s a great feeling seeing the work I produce for CAFOD turn into a newspaper article or an online news piece, as it shows that just a small investment of time can help raise CAFOD’s profile in a big way.  It wasn’t daunting starting out as a volunteer, as I was given a lot of help and guidance and so quickly settled in, and felt part of the team.  I would highly recommend volunteering to anyone – however much or little time you can give, it all adds up to make a massive difference towards people’s lives”. 

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