Sunday Morning at the Jersey CAFOD Cafe!

Well, you really can’t go to Jersey now and not visit the CAFOD Cafe can you?  It’s got to be a ‘must see’ for all CAFOD supporters!  So, last Sunday morning I stepped out of Oasis House after a fantastic JACY Pentecost retreat – right into St Matthew’s church next door – to thank everyone there for their support very briefly after Mass – and sample a lovely cup of coffee afterwards of course! 

The cafe was packed out with families and friends all enjoying a weekly catch up and chat.  It was great to be able to say hello and thank you to everyone there!

A special thanks to all those people who volunteer their time here and everyone who fills in for Vi Alcock when she is away.   The washing up alone must have been a real feat!  Vi – I’m sorry I missed you but I’ll be back!!!

If you’re going to Jersey, you’ve got to go to the cafe after 9.30am Sunday Mass at St Matthew’s (Coin Varin, St Peter’s).   There’s such a great atmosphere and you’d be guaranteed a really warm welcome!

You’d also get the chance to look at all the World Gifts the cafe has bought over the years and the fantastic memorabilia from Father Tom’s African Missionary days.

Thank you everyone!

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