Walk to Church Sunday

Our fabulous volunteer Rita Belletty, from St John Bosco parish in Woodley, is coordinating a very worthwhile initiative this summer, which any parish can easily join or simply replicate at any other time of the year. She has invited parishioners (not only from her church, but from all churches across Woodley) to “Walk to Church” on Sunday 18th July.

People taking part are invited to sign a special list (see template here) which will be sent off to the Prime Minister, together with a letter with a simple but effective message: to let him know that people across the UK are concerned about climate change, are taking practical steps to reduce their carbon footprint and want the government to take a leadership role.  The template letter can be downloaded here.

You might want to join Rita in her efforts and hold a “Walk to Church” event in your parish on Sunday 18th July too – or if this is not a convenient date, any other date throughout the year will also work! To promote your event, you can download the sample poster here (if you require a poster with a different date please let us know and we can amend it for you).

Are you planning to hold a “Walk to Church” event? Leave a comment to this post to let us know, or drop us an email in the office (portsmouth@cafod.org.uk) /give us a call (01252 329385)!

A big thanks to Rita for her great enthusiasm and ideas!

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