Buzzing for CAFOD!

Children in Catholic schools across Reading have been doing something special during Lent to raise money for CAFOD.  CAFOD School Volunteer Linda Heneghan reports: ‘At English Martyrs Primary School, in Tilehurst, everyone’s been ‘buzy’ turning ‘sweets into honey’ and having a ‘BUZZ for CAFOD Day’.

‘Throughout Lent, pupils have been learning about some of the ways in which CAFOD works with people in some of the world’s poorest countries.   In Brazil, Uganda and Mozambique, families are being trained in the art of beekeeping.’

‘As families get better and better at looking after the bees, they get more and more money from them. They then use this money for food and medicine, but also they sell it to raise money for other things they need-like school books, mosquito nets, soap ,cooking oil, mattresses etc.’


‘The children arrived at school today….just BUZZING…..raising money for children less well-off than themselves. What buzzee little bees they’ve been at ENGLISH MARTYRS! Well done!’

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