Creative Fundraising for Haiti at St Thomas More Primary

Children from St Thomas More lay out their coins on the Haiti map

Children from St Thomas More’s Primary school in Havant were very concerned when they heard the news from Haiti about the earthquake. For the first few weeks they were remembering regularly those affected in their prayers, and just before half term they decided to have a collection.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity for learning as well as giving, teachers taped out a giant map of Haiti on the hall floor to help children visualise the geography of the island. Then the children came in class by class and laid out their coins on the map. 

One of the classes used this activity as part of their maths lesson, estimating how much money they thought there might be – how many 2p, 10p, 50p and £1.  The money was then all counted up before it was sent to CAFOD.

When the school had their CAFOD assembly at the beginning of Lent, our school volunteer Maureen Thompson thanked the children for their contribution.  Linking it to theme of transformation, Maureen explained how their efforts and generosity would help CAFOD transform the money into emergency aid for the people of Haiti, meeting their immediate needs.

During half term, St Thomas More’s Pre-school  also organised a special event – “Hats for Haiti”, a day when all the children and staff were encouraged to come in wearing silly hats to raise money!

The children who are 3 and 4 years old came in with woolly hats, baseball caps, a policeman’s helmet, a cowboy hat and even a noddy hat. The hats did not stay on for long when the children starting playing – but they all enjoyed being part of a special event to help other children.

The school raised a total of over £540 for Haiti – well done to St Thomas More school for their brilliant creativity and generosity!

The pre-school children had fun at the Hats for Haiti day

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