Havant’s Special Family Fast Day

CAFOD volunteer Maureen Thompson told us:  ‘In Havant parish we decided to make a special effort to gather together on the evening of Family Fast Day to celebrate the 50th anniversary.   We wanted to come together as families to think about how we, as families, could support each other in our Lenten efforts and work with CAFOD to help other families flourish and thrive.’

‘We opened by remembering the first Family Fast Day organised by members of the Catholic Women’s League, the Union of Catholic Mothers and the National Board of Catholic Women in aid of mothers and babies in Dominica.  We wondered about the babies they helped back then and their lives now as they approach 50.’

‘Then we began 7 of the Stations of the Cross prepared by CAFOD, combining the adult and children versions. Each station was led by a family group reading from scripture, focusing on the photos of people CAFOD is working with across the world and ending in prayer, calling Jesus to walk with us and with those living in poverty around the world.  It was a prayerful journey of transformation and solidarity.’

‘Along the way we stopped and watched 4 of the video-clips of people considering what they are giving up for Lent linked with some information of how our sacrifice can transform the lives of others across the world.’

‘After each video clip we were asked to consider if we could “give it up” for water, bicycles, bees or shelter.  Then we were challenged to think whether we could we “give it up” for a day, a week, 2 weeks or the whole of Lent.’

‘Each time, everyone who volunteered to give up wine, biscuits, sweets or magazines was invited to drink a glass of water instead of wine, eat a dry cracker instead of biscuits or a very small honey sandwich instead of sweets and take a prayer card to read instead of magazines.’

‘Finally everyone was given a CAFOD Fast Day envelope to take home to fill and asked to go out and encourage others to do the same.   Leaving the full bottle of wine, the biscuits and sweets behind in church was hard and perhaps we will come together after Lent to celebrate the joy of Easter!’

The order of service can be found at CAFOD Family fast day 2010 order of service

The full text can be found at Stations Text

Thank you for sharing those with us Maureen!

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