Welcome to CAFOD Jersey!

(from left to right) CAFOD Jersey – Vi Alcock, Elizabeth Donoghue, Phil Mcdermott, Peter Kempster and Monsignor France

This weekend sees the launch of a very special initiative for CAFOD. As well as being the 50th anniversary of Lent Fast Day, Jersey supporters will be able to make their donations to CAFOD stretch that much further.   And it’s all down to a small group of dedicated CAFOD supporters!

Chaired by Monsignor France, a management committee of committed supporters in Jersey, recently set up an incorporated association called CAFOD Jersey, to start making donations to CAFOD from its Jersey based supporters, tax efficient.

This means that if a CAFOD supporter has been a Jersey resident for more than 3 years and has paid, or will pay, income tax, every donation they make could be worth an extra 20% to CAFOD.  Fantastic news!

How does it work?  In three ways….

Firstly, CAFOD is now able to claim tax back on any lump sum donations of £50 or more from its supporters in Jersey.

Donations can still be sent directly to CAFOD’s London Head Office, but any cheques of £50 or over that a supporter wanted CAFOD to reclaim the tax for, should be made payable to ‘CAFOD Jersey’.  The cheque should also be accompanied by an R10 ‘Lump Sum Payment to a Charity’ certificate and clearly state that the payment is for ‘CAFOD Jersey’.

The certificate can only be used to claim tax on that one donation, so if a supporter wanted CAFOD to continue benefiting from tax reclaim, they would need to complete the form for every donation of £50 or more they make. These certificates can be obtained from CAFOD by telephone 020 7733 7900 or by email regulargiving@cafod.org.uk

All other cheques made for donations under £50 can still be made out to ‘CAFOD’ and are, of course, very gratefully received indeed!

Secondly, if supporters make a number of gifts of a specified amount across the year and want to make these donations tax efficient, they may wish to consider completing a Deed of Covenant and setting up a standing order with CAFOD.   The standing order can be for any amount they wish and can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. By signing up to a standing order, and completing a Deed of Covenant to make regular payments for 5 years, CAFOD can then claim tax back on their cumulative annual donation. If supporters want to donate in this way, they are asked to call CAFOD on 020 7733 7900 to obtain a standing order mandate and Deed of Covenant form.

Lastly, the creation of CAFOD Jersey means that CAFOD is now able to benefit from gifts of real estate and other immovable property.

If a supporter wishes to leave a set sum of money (a pecuniary legacy) and has named CAFOD as a beneficiary, then they don’t need to make any changes to their will. Should they wish to leave a share of their estate or immovable property to CAFOD, however, we would advise them to name CAFOD Jersey as the beneficiary.

If a supporter has already made a will but is considering updating it to help CAFOD, they can instruct their Advocate or Solicitor to draw up a codicil, which is a legal document giving effect to the changes they wish to make. Under Jersey law there are specific rules covering codicils, particularly those dealing with gifts of real estate, so supporters are advised to seek professional legal advice.

Diocesan Manager, Lynda Mussell said:

‘This is such a fantastic opportunity for CAFOD.  We’d like to thank everyone in Jersey for their past donations to CAFOD. We’re very grateful indeed for their continued support and all that they do to help people living in poverty.  Thank you too to everyone involved in setting up CAFOD Jersey.  It’s such a brilliant way of making donations stretch that little bit further at no extra cost to the donor. ‘

‘If you would like to know more about CAFOD Jersey, or have any questions about your eligibility for tax reclaim, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 7733 7900 or email CAFOD at regulargiving@cafod.org.uk

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