An inspiring evening in Winchester

Mike Slinn, parish contact, reporting about a really inspiring Climate Justice evening that was held at St Peter’s Winchester on Nov 17th:

St Peter’s theatre group in action!

“Hampshire Downs held a well-attended “Climate Justice Event” on Tuesday 17th November at St Stephens Church, Olivers Battery, Winchester.

Winchester’s Mayor, Councillor Dominic Hiscock, welcomed everybody and reminded them of the City Council’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by 20% by 1012.

The evening Event started with some songs from “Along came man”, referring to the impact of technology on the environment, and performed by children from St Peters Primary School under the guidance of Yvonne Postlethwaite and head teacher, Cath Howells.

The St Peter’s Youth Theatre group (see photo) then performed a play, written by themselves, in three parts. The first depicted the plight of poor people in a country ravaged by the effects of climate change on their livelihood. The second was about a rich family in a poor country: the father says: “Of course I care; after all I own the oil refinery”. And the last was a family scene in the UK: “Where have you been today Dad?… Tokyo… Had you thought of using videoconferencing, Dad?”

Robert Hutchison, Chair of Winchester Action on Climate Change (WINACC) spoke about all the activities of WINACC members in Winchester and the mass group from Winchester that would be attending The Wave.

Lucrezia Slinn and David McHardy then performed a song written and composed by themselves. The chorus line was:

“Look around you, look and see

How beautiful this world could be

See the hurt we’ve caused creation

See the scars on every nation

God has planted us right here

To keep his world and hold it dear

For in everything and everywhere

God is present, God is there.”

Finally Katy Harris from the CAFOD Campaigns Team gave us an inspiring talk on The Climate Justice Campaign. Her message was about the global impact of climate change on the poorest people and that we needed to move to a world where everybody had only a fair share of the carbon emissions that our environment can survive without excessive global temperature increases”.

Well done to everyone in Winchester for organising such an amazing and successfull event!!


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