Pupils Strive for Climate Justice!

Students from Bishop Challoner secondary school in Basingstoke showed their overwhelming support for CAFOD’s Climate Justice campaign by producing a 17 metre long banner of their own messages to be delivered to none other than the Prime Minister this November!

Over 549 personal messages are featured on the banner – some asking Gordon Brown to keep the world’s poorest people at the heart of any agreement made at Copenhagen this December – some promising to make changes in their own daily lives – such as reducing their own energy usage, recycling and using more public transport.

School Librarian, avid CAFOD supporter and overall organiser of this initiative at the school, Virginia O’Kelly, said.

‘The sheer scale of this enormous banner shows just how passionate the pupils are about this issue. We hope that banners like this give a clear message to world leaders ahead of these crucial talks, to think of the needs of people living in the developing world – who are already suffering the affects of climate change. We’ve shown that we’re
prepared to make changes in our daily lives – they now need to show real leadership and make some tough decisions to safeguard the world’s future.’

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