Busy Bees!

Pupils at St Joseph's Aldershot on Harvest Fast DayPupils from Year 5 and 6 at St Joseph’s Primary School in Aldershot presented a fantastic Harvest Fast Day assembly on 2 October to over 480 of their school mates.

All week children have been learning about Victor and his community who live in the Amazon in Brazil. At the beginning of assembly, Mrs Marshall talked about how CAFOD was helping people in Victor’s village to work for a better future for everyone. Like most people in his village, Victor’s family grew cassava to make into flour to sell. But – as the children have been learning – as more people clear the forest to grow cassava and produce flour, the price of flour is falling as they compete with one another to sell it at market. The forest is also disappearing. Mrs Marshall explained that CAFOD are now training people in bee keeping so that families have an alternative way of earning a living. The children then put on a short play and pretended to be bees themselves! They explained their valuable role in the community and how the honey they produced meant that Victor’s dad would have more money to buy things that we in the UK might take for granted. The assembly ended in prayer and the song ‘When I needed a neighbour…..where you there?’

To further mark the day and show their solidarity for communities all over the world, a pound was also donated to CAFOD for every child in the school. Thank you all so much everyone at St Joseph’s!

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