Free Wills Month has started!

FWM logoAre you over 55 and resident in the UK? Do you live in/near Bournemouth, Reading or Oxford or are you visiting family or friends in these towns over October?

Then it’s your chance to take advantage of Free Wills Month!

The scheme, an extension of the successful Free Wills Fortnight schemes that took place in previous years, is promoted by CAFOD together with other 9 charities and offers the opportunity to make your will for free with partecipating solicitors in certain locations across the UK, including Bournemouth, Reading and Oxford. This is a great opportunity to put things in order and provide for the people and causes you care about. There is no obligation to remember CAFOD in your will if you would like to take advantage of the scheme, altough we would of course hope that you will. Legacies are really important to CAFOD –  did you know that one in every seven people we helped last year was helped thanks to a legacy?

For details of the partecipating solicitors click here to go to the Free Wills Month website.

Remember that if you are interested in remembering CAFOD in your will (all year long and regardless of your age!) you can also take advantage of the Free Wills Network to make your will for free. Click here for more information or contact Beth Brook, CAFOD’s Legacy Manager, on 020 70955525 or

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