Hands up for Climate Justice! at Blessed Hugh Faringdon

Blessed Hugh Faringdon Climate JusticeStudents from Blessed Hugh Faringdon secondary school in Reading have been fantastic in taking the Climate Justice campaign on board!

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 pupils have been busy drawing their “hands” and arrange them in beautiful displays that were the focal point of the school Thanksgiving Mass in June.

Every hand was decorated with a promise, like ‘I will recycle more’, ‘I will turn off my computer and not leave it on stand by’ or ‘I will give up using plastic bags’.

 “Hands were our way of saying stop, make a difference and change the way you live. Everyone’s hands are different, it’s our way of making our mark – we only have one chance, one life, one world. We need to make a difference” said Alyssa Basa, Marcos Riley, Janine Morales and Paula Marie Bailey, Year 11.

Junior Turay, Year 9 said, “CAFOD helped us to learn that other people suffered around the world because of the cars and computers we use. Now we know that global warming affects everyone”.

Diana Polisano, School Chaplain, brought the beautiful hand displays along to our Climate Justice Mass at St Bede’s and they looked fantastic at the foot of the altar!

The displays and banners from schools will all be delivered to Gordon Brown before December.

 A big thanks to everyone at Blessed Hugh Faringdon that helped make this happen!

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