Looking for fundraising ideas?


At the Volunteer Away Day in Basigstoke last February, a group of partecipants spent some of the afternoon discussing new and innovative fundraising ideas that could be used in their parishes (much needed in those times of economic downturn!).

A very useful handout of fundraising activities recently carried out by parishes in England and Wales had been given out to help kick off the discussion. Want to hear a few good stories? Here is just one example…

“Our parish heard about a project in Brazil where women were given the opportunity to have a plot of land in the middle of the Sao Paolo and were taught about nutrition and how to grow vegetables.

“These women were then able to feed their children, who became much healthier and they were also able to make some money from the sale of the excess produce.

“Reminded by the English saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ we decided to find out how much an apple in England costs. We then asked people in the parish to donate the same amount every week to our self denial fund.

“Some of our parishioners can only give the price of one apple a week; others are able to give more. Over the year we have collected more than £12,000!!!!”

If you have any brilliant fundraising ideas for your parish that you have been using and we do not know about, or that you’d like to discuss, please get in touch with us here in the office – we look forward to hearing from you!

Download our Fundraising Ideas Handout >>

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