27th December CAFOD Christmas 5km Fun Run/Walk

CAFOD Liverpool Annual Christmas Fun Run

This year join CAFOD supporters from around the country in a virtual 5km fun run/walk on Sunday 27th December . A great way to raise money for CAFOD and have fun! We have set up a just giving page that you can share with family and friends or you can create your own page by clicking on the red tab start fundraising


You can run or walk or toddle the 5 km about 3.1 miles or 7,000 steps so why not join us a great way to work off those mince pies and chocolates as well as raising money for those in need. Do let me know if you are going to take part and send me a photo .You can also tag @CAFODPortsmouth on twitter or face book.

Reflections on Advent and our work in Peru on 26th Nov 11am

It’s the season of reflection and we’ll be journeying this week with Rev. Deacon Sean Loone, from the Archdiocese of Birmingham and CAFOD Programme Officer in Peru Lucy Jardine.

On Thursday 26 November from 11am-12pm, Rev. Deacon Sean Loone will be sharing Advent reflections from his book Born for US – A Journey Into the Real Meaning of Christmas, and CAFOD Programme officer in Peru, Lucy Jardine, will be telling us more about Advent traditions in Peru.

Sean Loone is a Roman Catholic Deacon working in the Archdiocese of Birmingham and has spent much of his career teaching in a wide variety of schools and colleges, combining this with part time lecturing at St Mary’s College Oscott, the seminary for the Archdiocese.

Join us online on 26th November from 11am-12pm for reflections on Advent by booking your place here.

Journey to the Manger – Advent Resources

Saba and her family

Our 2020 online Advent calendar of daily prayer and reflection offers an opportunity to pause and reflect, pray and take action as we prepare for Christmas. Join us as we journey throughout the season of Advent with our global family. We also have online advent calendars for children and young people.

Our North East team are leading a weekly time of reflection called Journey to the Manger on Sunday evenings starting on 29th November at 6pm more details here

This year our Advent Appeal focuses on those who have been affected by Coronavirus for example Saba who fled from Myanmar and now lives in the refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh. Like us, she and her family have faced the challenges of social distancing, self-isolation, and lockdown. And in a camp that is, metre for metre, 10 times as crowded as London, the pandemic has only made having a shelter of your own all the more vital. 

Saba and her family

CAFOD’s partners provided Saba and her 3 children with a shelter kit including essential materials to build a place to live. The materials Saba received were very simple – bamboo, tarpaulin and rope, that sort of thing – but to Saba they meant much more. They meant she could build a home her children could feel safe in.  £40 can provide essentials material for a family to build a shelter so please donate here.